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Druze Encyclopedia



Druze Encyclopedia is a source of pride for all Druze people.

It strengthens the feeling of belonging and creates a sense of power in the community. It is the perfect product for your family.

  For the first time since the foundation of the Druze religion, a comprehensive Encyclopedia is published filled with organized and well-researched material regarding Druze history and culture.

The Druze Encyclopedia contains specific details and information about important individuals and groundbreaking events in Druze history that have shaped the world as it is today. This includes unique material and photographs about Druze prophets, holy places and core principles of the religion. 
This Encyclopedia summarizes the Druze faith and culture over thousands of years and draws comparisons between the way things were, to the way it is practiced today in active communities.
The Druze Encyclopedia is written in Arabic and is sorted by the letters, A – B; it consists of five volumes.
The publishing house, Asia, has specialized in publishing encyclopedias and publications about the Druze community for over 30 years.
The Druze Encyclopedia is written by Sheikh Samih Natur, a Senior Lecturer in the Druze community. Natur has spent several years deals writing and editing the Encyclopedia. 
The Druze Encyclopedia is reviewed and highly approved by leading experts including many professors, lecturers, leaders and Sheikhs. This Encyclopedia has also, received the blessing of the Druze community's spiritual leadership in Israel, Shiekh Mwafaq Tareef, and also received the support of senior leaders and sheikhs from Lebanon and Syria. 
The Encyclopedia was published in partnership with Mr. Munir Atallah - entrepreneur and chairman of the association Alhuda - Druze culture and education in Yarka village in Galilee. 
This Encyclopedia is a source of pride for all members of the Druze faith since it strengthens the feeling of belonging and creates a sense of power in the community. 
This Encyclopedia focuses on the tradition of the Druze community and also explored religious ideals and values. It is the perfect product for you and your family, imparting knowledge and revealing the raw beauty of Druze culture.
The Druze Encyclopedia is in ARABIC.