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About us

Asia Publication has specialized in publishing encyclopedias and publications about the Druze community for over 30 years.

We established a publishing house for the sake of Druze themes .We write books about Druze personalities and events, we publish a Druze magazine "Al-amama" which is distributed on every holly occasion and have a web page for it online (www.al-amama.com). Our Major project was editing and publishing the first Druze Encyclopedia in Arabic in 5 volumes.

We are from a Druze village - Daliyat el-Carmel which is located on the holy Carmel Mountain where our prophets covered the area with their holiness. we are also not far from the tombs of Jethro and AlKhader and others, their memory blessed, we can feel there blessing thrust upon us and we feel protected by their holiness

Wishing to you good health and success and prosperity all the time.


Contact information:

Samih Natur

Asia Publication, Director

Daliyat el-Carmel

POB 107

Zip code 3005600

By Phone: : 00972-48394103 / 00972-505510230

By Website: www.al-amama.com

By Facebook: www.facebook.com/DruzeEncyclopedia

By E-Mail: druze.encyclop@gmail.com